Rail Career Path Programs


The Solution to Rail Industry Skills Shortages


The future of Rail Employment is Here – Career Path Programs by Momentum encourage new, diverse rail industry entrants.


Are you facing a skilled employee shortage? Are you interested in a solution that will provide you with the employee skills you need, and help reduce the skills gap in the industry long-term?


 The Rail Industry Career Path Program solves one of the most critical hurdles faced by rail industry employers – employee skills shortages.



Each Rail Career Path Program is created in collaboration with you – the employer. Tailored to your specific business and location needs, the program is designed to solve your rail skills gaps by recruiting and upskilling candidates with the desired skill set.

Our Career Path Program supports new rail entrants and existing rail employees to grow their skills, knowledge and capabilities in the areas needed by employers. We have experience collaborating on Career Path Programs for an array of different positions, cultural and gender diversity targets as well as employment types.



The first step is to review the type of skills and capabilities required to fill the job and capability gaps in your rail team. Working in partnership with you, we support your cultural, diversity and inclusion goals throughout the process.

Next, we create a unique and individualised plan to source candidates who will match your needs. We take into consideration things like long-term career growth, timelines, shift-rosters and flexibility.

Then, we move forward with an educational and developmental Rail Career Path plan. The program is tailored to your specific skills training gaps, business needs and objectives.


For more information about the Rail Career Path Program and how it could help solve your business skills needs, contact us:


Call: 1300 117 778


This program is a joint initiative from Workforce Solutions by Engenco, CERT Training and Momentum Rail Workforce Solutions.